January 8, 2010


Office of the Treasurer
 C. Joan Richardson, M.D.
1013 Harbor View Dr
Galveston, TX 77550
E-mail: jrich@utmb.edu
Phone:  409-772-1594

Dues by member status

Active U.S. and Canadian members – $150
International members – $75
Emeritus members – $0
Student members (undergraduate & graduate students, residents, fellows) – $0
New members fee (paid in addition to annual dues fee) – $100

To pay dues online, click the ‘Pay Dues’ button below:

Dues are required of active and associate members. Emeritus members are encouraged to pay dues, according to ability to pay.  Persons who are eligible for emeritus status (age 70 or greater) at the time of election to membership are obligated to payment of full dues for 5 years.

Overseas members are welcome to write checks in their own currencies along with a brief note (separately or on the check) regarding the current exchange rate.

Members are able to donate to the following funds, Educational Endowment Fund and Friends of Osler Library, McGill University. You are able to specify the amount of your donation in the form after you click on the donation button.

Education Endowment Fund

Friends of Osler Library, McGill University

2 Comments On “Dues”

  1. Just paid my dues and tried to donate to both the endowment fund and to McGill. Received an error message: duplicate transaction recorded (because of the 2 donations). Can’t you fix this page so that we can choose to pay all 3 at once, on one page, not entering all credit card information 3 times, and not receiving erroneous error messages?

  2. Dr. Kahn,
    Your donations went through but I will check into what is going on with the system.

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